About Us

We, dot. Confiscan (dCS) India Pvt. Ltd (An ISO 9001:2018 Certified Co.), the Best OMR agency, handle entire chain of works for conducting a competitive examination where large number of candidates and objective type Test is involved. We are in this business for the past over 21 years since inception of this co. in 1999.

Starting from laying down job profile of a post to job analysis for essential requirements of the job leading to decision about the test to be conducted for selecting the right people for the right jobs,our role extends to preparing objective type Question Papers from the Question Bank maintained by us for the competitive Test. We   print the Question Booklets in our dedicated printing press. We do its proper packing as per requirement of the client organization and dispatch them to centers. Further, we design, print and supply OMR/ICR application forms, its scanning and complete processing, issue of Admit Cads etc, conduct of examinations, designing, printing and supply of OMR answer sheets its scanning and result processing. We handle the entire chain of works in a project mode for its successful completion with the available manpower/experts and machines/ equipment.

The main area of our work 


Developing software for online registration/applications of the candidates.

  • Receipt of Application Forms at designated places and issue of acknowledgement cards.
  • Entering of data of scanning of OMR/ICR Application Forms or any kind of Application Forms, editing of scanned data and processing.
  • Receipt of Application Forms, segregating them based on eligibility criteria.
  • Allotment of Roll Nos.
  • Preparation of Admit Cards file and program for downloading of Admit Cards from website.
  • Printing of photo bearing Admit Cards on pre-printed format.
  • Dispatch of Admit Cards through post.
  • Preparation and printing of photo and signature bearing Attendance Sheets for each Room as per seating plan.
  • Intimation to candidates through Mail/SMS about status of their online application, status, etc.
  • Designing, Printing and Supply of OMR Answer Sheets –
    • (i) Single sheet which comes for scanning.
    • (ii) Carbonless sheet (1+1) i.e. two part where bottom of first sheet and top of second sheet are chemically treated so that impression of OMR comes on the second sheet.(1+2) i.e. three part where bottom of first sheet, top and bottom of second sheet and top of the third sheet are chemically treated so that impression of OMR comes on the second and third sheet. 
    • Security features like Barcode, Lithocode, UV Printing are also printed on the  OMR Sheet. 


 Scanning of OMR Answer Sheets.

  • Processing of scanned data through various programs.
  • Preparation of result and reports as required by the client organization.
  • Printing of Marks Sheets.
  • Display of Result on Web-site.


  1. Preparing of records for scanning i.e. un-tagging of files, unbinding of books, cleaning, straightening etc.
  2. The files/registers/reports are scanned and converted to searchable pdf. 
  3. These digitized files will be made available in a single PDF file for each File / register / report separately.