Digitization Wing

dot. CONFISCAN INDIA PVT. LTD. is the best OMR Agency since 21 years.

Our process are as under

a) Preparing of records for scanning i.e. un-tagging of files, cleaning, straightening etc.

b) The files/registers/reports will be scanned and stored in binary format in the MS Access database,

c) These digitized files will be made available in a single PDF file for each File/register/report separately.

d) Scanning will be in color and clearly readable format

e) Scanning: The paper size can be in different sizes. The minimum scanning Resolution will be 300-DPI.

f) We will also do the following:-

  • Unbinding/ binding of the documents with the permission of the concerned

      Department, if required.

  • Physical numbering each page of the document as per predefined scheme, if required.
  • Scanning & indexing each page & document
  • Preparation of CD/DVDs comprising of scanned documents
  • Binding of the original document/file.
  • Physical numbering of the document
  • Storage of numbered document at the concerned office
  • g) Indexing: The index will basically provide the name and number of the document. For the Department’s files, the Indexing parameters will be as under:
  • File type, Number, year
  • Subject name
  • Section name
  • Category, if any etc.
  1. h) Quality Assurance: Every image will clearly be readable. The best image quality shall be

achieved by state of the art Scanners, Processors & quality equipment with automatic

control features.

  1. i) The accuracy of final documents will be 100%.